iMatrix Technologies success lies in Capturing, Nurturing and "Motivating" the students from scratch level to the professional level. The only vision with which iMatrix Technologies operates is "Let all be part of the mighty software Industrial Revolution". With this vision we reach to the students with affordable prices in the software Training Zone, without compromising the issues of Quality and standards as expected by the Industry.

     We provide Project Training with Industry Proven standards to all Academic as well as Software Professionals who are in the thought of changing software Domain, at different level of exposure in the project Development Life Cycle, with core knowledge in Documentation, Development, Installation and configuration of the Developed project along with the coding and Development standards in Programming the Application.

     iMatrix Technologies Major Aspect of Concentration is training and Development at Academic and Corporate Level.We also provide Corporate Training for Top MNC's in different technologies as per their syllabus standards. We also fulfill the gap for Academic Institution by providing Academic training to their students in the subjects where scarcity of the faculty arises. We also provide Institutional level training to all the Aspirants who step into our premises at Chennai.

List of courses


     Fundamentals of Computer, Windows XP & Desktop Operations Ms Office -:Ms Word,Ms Excel,Ms Powerpoint, Ms.Access, Ms.Outlook & Internet & Email.

Programming Basics and C

     Introduction to C programming, C language structure, I/O Statements, Datatypes, Variables, Constants, Operators, Branching and looping Arrays and Functions, Structure and Unions, Introduction to Pointers, File handling, Graphics.

OOPS with C++

     Fundamentals of OOPs, Objects and Class, Inheritance, Data Abstraction & Encapsulation, Polymorphism++ structure Overloading and Overriding,I/O Statements, Datatypes, Variables,Constants,Operators,Control structures, Arrays Functions and Pointers Exceptional Handling & IO Files.

Core Java

     Introduction to JAVA and JVM,Features of Java, Concept of OOPs Application and Applet Programming, Data types, Control Structures, GUI Designing using AWT, Graphics, Exception Handling, Packages and Interfaces, Inheritance in Java, Multithreading in Java, Image and Sound Handling, Database Handling with JDBC,Networking Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

Tally ERP9 professional

     Introduction to Tally, Features of Tally ERP9, Inventory Management Accounting & Finance Management, Payroll Management, VAT,TDS, etc.

Soft Skill

  • Spoken English For The Real World
  • Grammer
  • Personality Enhancement
  • Public Speaking
  • Accent Training


Courses Offered

  • Tally.ERP 9
  • DCA
  • C
  • C++
  • Core Java
  • Advanced MS Excel


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